Sunion, Proyecto & Construcción

(34) 902 250 450


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Sunion is a Spanish company specialized in design, construction, fit-out and building maintenance for companies, based on a career of more than 20 years.

Our field of action is not only in Spain and Portugal, but also on the islands, both Baleares and Canarias, as well as in areas of Central and Latin America.

Our experience and the wide geographical area in which we offer our services, gives us a benchmark for the maintenance and expansion of franchises, chains and hotel groups.

Main Clients

Headquarters in Spain: Enrique Granados, 6 Building A Pozuelo de Alarcón 28224
Madrid - Spain T. (011) (34) 902 250 450 F. (011) (34) 916 615 607
Headquarters in Dominican Republic: Avda. Roberto Pastoriza, 158, 6º floor
Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic T. (001) 809 381 0081 - F. (001) 809 381 0230