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Filosofía Empresarial

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The success of our business philosopy stems from the high quality control from Sunion takes throughout the design process and construction. This means from choosing the right location, and doing the project through our department of architecture and engineering, through our own construction and our own interiors design teams, and even being able to create brand image, if it is necessary.

All this, always on the same level of demand and commitment to ensure the overcome standards of construction quality and meeting deadlines.

Main Clients

Headquarters in Spain: Enrique Granados, 6 Building A Pozuelo de Alarcón 28224
Madrid - Spain T. (011) (34) 902 250 450 F. (011) (34) 916 615 607
Headquarters in Dominican Republic: Avda. Roberto Pastoriza, 158, 6º floor
Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic T. (001) 809 381 0081 - F. (001) 809 381 0230