Sunion, Proyecto & Construcción

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Architectural Project. From our Architectural department we develop all architectural and engineering work related to the project. We generate all the plans and documents necessary to carry it out successfully, from the executive project until the interiors design.

Feasibility Studies. Our experience and our extensive knowledge of construction sector allow us to make estimates of investment and operating cost of projects, we also identify sites and properties which, for its strategic value, will bring to our investors a safe and profitable bet.

Main Clients

Headquarters in Spain: Enrique Granados, 6 Building A Pozuelo de Alarcón 28224
Madrid - Spain T. (011) (34) 902 250 450 F. (011) (34) 916 615 607
Headquarters in Dominican Republic: Avda. Roberto Pastoriza, 158, 6º floor
Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic T. (001) 809 381 0081 - F. (001) 809 381 0230